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International business accelerator company InnoEnergy has opened an office in Latvia. This objective of this company is preparing new and innovative technologies developers for attraction of investments as part of InnoEnergy accelerator.

The accelerator’s main activities include the attraction of investments in projects associated with alternative energy solutions, energy saving, improvement of energy efficiency, smart cities and buildings, cleaner coal and gas technologies and smart electricity networks, the company notes.

Businessmen that already active or wish to realize a business idea in one of the aforementioned fields have an opportunity to attract funding from the accelerator’s fund.

InnoEnergy representative in Latvia Viesturs Zeps is happy about the opportunities the accelerator can offer Latvian companies. He notes: «Investment programme of this type will add to Latvia’s innovation ecosystem, especially now, when venture capital assessment tools are not widely accessible.»

He emphasizes that the wide range of initiatives available in the company’s system offers any project the option to use investment and development instruments depending on the stage of readiness, technological capabilities, specifics and resource requirements.

InnoEnergy has commenced work with approximately ten projects in Latvia. All of them are currently being prepared for the first round of investments.

West Mail News 2017