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TINDER SCAM - Guys can be thirsty on Tinder, sometimes extremely thirsty. But the thirst of some fellas is costing them in the wallet because they are getting fleeced by a dumb scam on Tinder wrote EXE.News

Maggie Archer is scamming dudes on Tinder with an ambiguous message of “send me $5, see what happens in her profile text.

When a gentleman asks Maggie what they will receive in exchange for the money she will reply, “send it and find out.” The 20-year-old, who attends Missouri Western State University, then provides curious men with her email linked to her PayPal account so they can make a deposit.

Then guys actually send her money and after the $5 is deposited Maggie unmatches with the gullible donors.

Tinder Scam

EXE News talked to Maggie and seemingly celebrated her devious swindling in an article titled “Oh, Looks Like You’ve Been Using Tinder Wrong This Whole Time.” They enthusiastically wrote that Maggie has “found possibly the best use for it  scamming money off men by indirectly asking them to ‘send her $5 and see what happens.'”

Tinder Scam

“It’s really a foolproof plan, because I’m not actually promising anything, I just say ‘see what happens,'” Maggie told EXE News. She also said that “a surprising amount of men take the bait.” I’m with her there. I am shocked at the stupidity. Not sure what you expect to happen when you give money to a stranger who you just met on Tinder.

Maggie said that of those who ask about the offer, about 1 out of 5 will send her money. So 20% of men are super horny, trusting, and have $5 burning a hole in their pocket. A damn shame. Archer revealed that she has received money from more than 20 men in less than a week. For fuck’s sake guys, be better.

Meanwhile, on Twitter women are being supportive of scamming dudes out of money because of course they are. Some are calling Maggie a “hero” and “inspirational” for her money-sucking scheme. Others are hoping that guys don’t catch on.It appears that there will be an entire horde of Tinder users trying to scam you now. So bros need to not be so fucking desperate and wise up to this swindling hustle.

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